The kids

The kids

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emerson Smiles...just not on command.

Emerson has started smiling!!!! And not just in her sleep, but on purpose and in response to things. It is so cute and to be honest it makes my heart melt. This morning I was sitting with her in my lap and Garrett walked up and kissed her on the head (he was leaving to go to work), and she looked up at him with this huge grin....I loved every second of it! I am realizing what people mean when they say that having kids gets more and more fun every day. I LOVE every second Garrett and I get to spend with her...even when she is screaming (which she does fairly often). We are learning that Emerson is pretty spicy. I have no idea where she got her stubborn, persistent flare from????

Here is a little video of her being cute. She loves to smile, just not when I ask her too. The video is a little dark but you'll get the idea.

Garrett and I are headed to Fripp Island to Spend the 4th with his family, and then we are going to visit my family in Greenville next weekend. I am so excited for Emerson to get to spend time with everyone. She is at such a fun age and I am sad that our family doesn't get to see her more often. So, we will do our best to cherish every second we get to spend with them.

Garrett is leaving Em and I on July 12th to go to Atlanta for 3 weeks (I will be spending most of that time with my family in Greenville) !!!!! While we are sad for him to go, we are so proud of him! He got accepted into a really competitive program with his company and therefore has to attend a 3 week training session. After that, we will start to move a lot, as he will have short work assignments potentially all over the country. So, we could be moving as early as August 1st and could go just about anywhere. We will keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Have Some Seriously Talented Friends!

Garrett and I have been blessed with some amazing friends!  Not only are they great friends, but they are so talented!  

Many of you may have received Emerson's birth announcement this week.  One of my favorite people, Shilo Holder, made them!  Shilo and I were roommates when I lived in Clemson, and I love her so much.  She and her husband Matt live in Atlanta and have a little boy, Cade, who was born in January.  Shilo is definitely one of the craftier people I know.   She makes beautiful announcements, invitations, and greeting cards and her prices are unbeatable. Check out her website  Here is Emerson's announcement in case you haven't seen it.  We love it and will cherish it forever....thanks so much Shilo!
On Thursday, our great friends, Matt and Jenna Daniel, came over to take newborn pictures of Emerson.  Jenna and I grew up together, and she, Matt, and Garrett, all went to Clemson together.  The Daniels have started their own photography business, and their work is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I feel so blessed to have had Emerson photographed by such a talented photographer.  Garrett and I are so thankful for these pictures.  Here are a few of the pictures...I am going to pick up the CD sometime this be looking for more pictures.  You can check out Matt's work at and at   We will definitely have Matt photograph our family for years to come.  

Finally, our friend Margaret, one of my closest friends from college, just got accepted to the art education program at the Savannah College of Art and Design!  We are so proud of her.  She is so talented and has a tremendous passion for art and children.  She graciously took pictures of Emerson in her first few days of life (see earlier post), and created a beautiful piece of artwork for our nursery.  We love you Margaret and we are proud of you.
We are so thankful that our friends have chosen to bless us with their talents!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Harrison and Emerson...Together at Last!

The Brantley Family is back in South Carolina!!!!!! Our best friends Adam and Mandy and their little boy Harrison just moved back to South Carolina from Denver and we could not be happier. We all got together for dinner tonight and it was Harrison and Emerson's first official date. It was amazing soon as Harrison saw Emerson he said, "Please," like he wanted to see was so cute! He then proceeded to touch her gently, give her a few kisses, and rock her car seat. All in all I'll say the date was a success. I used my phone to capture a few moments from the date......sorry the quality of the photos isn't the greatest.
Also, Emerson is 4 weeks old today (she will be one month on Friday)! I can't believe it...I realize 4 weeks is a little young to be dating but it was supervised.
Emerson at 4 weeks!
Harrison's greeting to Emerson the day she was born!
(he is so cute I can't stand it)
Harrison checking Emerson sweet.
I couldn't take the picture fast enough but Mandy's expression is a result of Harrison giving Emerson a smooch!
Emerson hanging out with her future hubby and in-laws!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bryson comes to visit!

This weekend we were so blessed to have our great friends Marshall, Kristin, and little Bryson McCall come visit. Kristin and I have been friends since middle school and we lived together all 4 years of college. She and her husband Marshall are definitely like family to us. Their little boy, Bryson, is 10 weeks older than Emerson, and we just knew they would be fast friends. Shockingly the two of them didn't really seem to notice each other very much. In fact, Emerson slept through their second play date. Regardless, we got some really cute pictures of them. I can't imagine Emerson ever being as big as Bryson, but I know she will be soon!

We are so thankful for every second we had with the McCall's...we love and miss them so much!

Garrett, Emerson, and the Baby Bjorn

So, my best friend Mandy graciously allowed us to borrow her Baby Bjorn. For those of you who have no clue what a Baby Bjorn is, it is a little carrier thing that you can put your child in so you can carry your little one and have your hands free. Well during Garrett's attempt to figure out how to use it, he tortured Emerson and then he got thrown up was awesome. And the best part, I got pictures of the whole thing. The good news is, he now knows how to use it.

I also must take a moment to note that GiGi (my mom) does in fact know how to check the blog.....I stand corrected. She does not however know how to post a comment!

Enjoy the pictures....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pictures for Grandma

I happen to know that Emerson's Grandma Reed checks the blog multiple times a day....So, I thought I would put some new pictures up for her enjoyment. I'm not sure her Grandma Green (GiGi) is computer savy enough to know how to view the blog....if she did I'm sure she would enjoy the pics too. Our friend Margaret took these pictures of Emerson.....thanks Margaret, we love them!

In other news, Garrett just figured out how to use the Baby Bjorn (that Emerson's future husband, Harrison, so graciously allowed us to borrow). However, in true Garrett fashion he is over analyzing the whole thing and is convinced that she is suffocating. And wow....he just moved her around so much that she barfed all over his chest....yes I am taking pictures. I love having a baby in the entertaining!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Splish Splash Emerson Hates the Bath!!!

So, I can't stop taking pictures of our little lady....thank goodness for digital cameras. Anyway, I thought I would share a few we have taken over the past two days. Emerson had her first real bath last night....which she hated. It was sad but funny all at the same time. Somehow during the course of her bath she pooped all over me...still not sure how that happened. Anyway, we are enjoying every second that we have with her. I am headed to the doctor right now for my post op appointment....hopefully everything is healing they way it is supposed to be! Hope you enjoy the pics of our little one as much as we do!