The kids

The kids

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Guess I Was Asking for It...

Remember that time a month or so ago when I was awake at 3am with little Em, while she was throwing up???? And I asked the question, "Why can't kids throw up during the day???"

I would like to thank this little lady.... 
for proving to me that kids can in fact throw up during the day.
In the past month we have moved, I have started a new job (full-time), we took a trip to the beach, and the kids have started full-time daycare.  Things have been a little overwhelming for all of us, but it seems that they have been the most overwhelming for little Em. 

I actually had the day off today, so I scheduled several appointments for me and the kids.  Well it seems that Emerson thought she was being sent to daycare (they have only gone 2 days) because she got really worked up this morning, and the second I put her in the car seat (to go to a dr's apt. for Evan), she threw up and threw up and threw up. So there you have it folks, I was wrong. Kids can in fact throw up during the day time.

My favorite part was after she had thrown up everywhere 3 times, she said through tears, "My car seat is dirty!!!!"

And because it wouldn't be fair (even though I don't believe in fair), to leave  you without a pic of the little he is in all his beach baby glory.