The kids

The kids

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home At Last!

We FINALLY made it home with our little girl....hopefully we will not be going back to the hospital any time soon! I had my surgery on Wednesday morning and everything went great, and we were able to come home on Thursday evening. I have to say, this whole thing is one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through. My prayer is that no mother would ever have to go through that....and sadly I know that there are many that experience the same thing without adequate medical care.

We are so thankful to have been at East Cooper for this whole ordeal...the doctors and nurses were amazing and made a horrible situation so much better. The Lord truly showed us his mercy and grace by providing us with amazing medical care, family, and friends. Thanks so much for everyones prayers and encouragement. Already we are able to see the Lords presence in this situation.....He has truly used it to remind us of his unconditional love and grace.

We are definitely getting settled in at home and are kind of figuring out this whole baby thing. Emerson has her days and nights confused so we are a little tired, but she is so cute that we don't care. I am feeling better and better every day and am hopeful that I will recover quickly with little to no long term side affects. Garrett officially goes back to work tomorrow....we will see how Emerson and I hold up without him. He has been so wonderful to both us. Luckily my mom is here until Tuesday to help me out a little. Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support....we are so greatful! And are some pics of our little angel. I still can't get over her cuteness!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

No pictures

Ok apparently I can't upload pictures from my phone.... They will have to wait... Sorry!

Emerson Grace Reed..... The greatest gift ever!!!!

I have to appologize for not posting sooner about Emerson's arrival. I did end up being induced last Monday (exactly one week ago). She arrived Tuesday May 19 at 8:58 pm. She was 7lbs 11ozs and 21 inches long. The delivery was amazing.... I actually enjoyed the whole thing!!!

We came home on Thursday and everything was going great...seriously I think I birthed the perfect child. However, the only glich has been that I had 4th degree lasserations as a result of delivery... If you don't know what this is I'll just let you look it up. Anyway they sewed me up in the delivery room but on Saturday the stiches broke down. So we ended up in the ER and back in the hospital ever since. I am awaiting surgery which should happen on Wednesday. So, we have spent our first week as a family of three in the hospital... And there is no telling when we will go home. Luckily Emerson and Garrett have been taking great of me.

We don't have wireless in our hospital room so I am having to post from my iPhone... Which isn't the easiest thing to do. Here are a few pics I have taken from my phone. Please be praying for us.... I didn't give too many details because it's just a gross situation but this whole thing is extremely hard for us. We need all the prayers we can get!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's About That Time.....

I admit, I stink at this blogging thing and I cannot with any level of certainty say that I will ever improve. So, for you avid bloggers I apologize for disgracing your art form. Not sure when my last post was but I am fairly certain it has been months! In short, we have been working a lot (a whole lot) and spending lots of time with family and friends.

Things at work are good for Garrett. He has applied for a position in a very competitive program within the company and it looks promising that he will get into the July class. If he gets in, he would have to go to Atlanta for a few weeks in July for training and then they would give him his first assignment after that. He could have several temporary assignments before (and if) he ever gets a permanent position. Although we aren't pumped about moving again, we are really excited for the opportunity. Only time will tell were this adventure will take us!

In other exciting Reed news, little baby Reed will be here soon! Her due date is May 25, but I guess we will have to wait and see when she actually comes. I went to the doctor on Thursday and they did an ultrasound to measure how big she is and to measure my amniotic fluid. Their guess is that she only weighs about 7lbs 2oz's right now but my amniotic fluid levels are low. So they made me go back on Friday to test and make sure my water had not broken...which it hadn't. So, now I go back on Monday for another ultra sound to check the levels again...if they are low they may induce me early next week. I will keep you posted!

I have had lots of requests for pictures of the here are a few. The nursery will be way cuter once little Emerson is in it!!!! Stay tuned for baby updates!!!