The kids

The kids

Friday, September 25, 2009

A day in the life of Emerson Reed....

I try to jump out of my bouncy seat while my mom is making my bottle....and then I cry about it. 
Excited about eating rice cereal for the first time!
Not so excited about eating rice cereal for the first time.
Doesn't everyone sleep with one thumb in their mouth and the other hand on their eye???

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Garrett Reed Theory of Time

I cannot believe that we have been in Durham for 3 weeks already.  I never understood it when I was younger, but life really does go by so much fast when you are older.  Garrett has this theory that it is because when you are 4, one year is 25% of your entire life, and when you are 25, one year is only 4% of your life...thus making it go by faster because it is a smaller portion of your life experience. Which, is why when you are in high school 4 years seems like a life time, and when you are 5 years removed from college, 4 years feels like a brief phase. Anyway, I wish things would slow down but according to Garrett's theory, since i am inevitably getting older, it is only going to go by faster.

Anyway, since my last post we have settled in here in NC. Our little apartment is starting to feel like home and we are enjoying the area.  Our first weekend here, I went to the Durham farmers market with my friend Sarah. Sarah and I went to high school and college together (both sociology majors), so it was fun to see her and for her to get to meet Em.  And I bought some really yummy veggies and cheese.   Two of my other good friends from college live here as well, and I have been spending some great time with them.  So, the transition has been pretty easy.

Last weekend my mom and Nana came up and we took Emerson to meet my great aunt, Lucile, who lives in Willimaston, NC.   As a lot of you know, my Nana will be 93 in November, and her sister, Lucile, is 96!  My aunt still lives in the house that she and her husband built in the 1950's.  The house is unbelievable.....I could write an entire post on it.  EVERYTHING is original from the 50's and is in fairly good condition.  The house is 7300 square feet and I am dying to remodel the whole thing, but that is definitely an itch I will never get to scratch. Anyway, it was so fun for Emerson to get to spend time with several generations of women in our family.  The Ramseur women are an amazing day I will write more about them.

In other exciting news, we have found a babysitter that is going to be coming 2-3 days a week so I can go back to work part-time.   I am super excited to get back to work. I actually love working and I am excited to get to see G more often.....he has litearlly been working 85-90 hours a week!!!  I'm not sure how he does it, but he does and he seems to really be enjoying it. We have also found a church that we love, so we are excited about that.  It is funny because we just decided to visit it two weeks ago, and it turns out one of my good friends that lives here and our babysitter goes there.  I am hoping to start volunteering with their children's ministry soon. 

Here are a few pictures from the past 3 weeks....our life in Durham as we know it!

Emerson rocking her new leg warmers....
G and Em enjoying a little time together
(this picture makes my heart turn to mush)
If you look at my hair, it is saturated with barf...the joys of motherhood!
Sarah and Em at the Farmer's Market
Many generations of Ramseur women
Just being cute
Em loves her jumpster...and I love watching her in it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life in the Dirty D...

It's official....we live in North Carolina. WEIRD! It occurred to me a few minutes ago that I have never lived anywhere besides Charleston or Upstate South Carolina. Although we are almost the same distance from Greenville that we were in Charleston, I feel like we are a million miles away. I guess you could say I am feeling kinda homesick. And, although we sleep in the same bed at night, I REALLY miss Garrett.
Garrett went straight to work after being here for 5 minutes and he has pretty much been there ever since. Today is the first day that he will not see Emerson at all....I have a feeling there will be many more of those days to come. Garrett will be working around the clock for a while because it seems that he is VERY short-handed at work. Hopefully we can get some good people hired and trained soon, so we can spend some time together as a family soon.

Emerson (and Stabler) seem to be adjusting well. The apartment and the furnishings are nice...I will take pics soon. We really live closer to Chapel Hill than we do to Durham. We are located almost exactly halfway between Duke and UNC. I like the area a lot....just wish family and friends were closer. Anyway, here are some pics I have taken of Em recently...she is 15 weeks old today! Things have been so crazy that I somehow lost a week of her life...I just realized she is 15 weeks today, not 14. I told a handful of people today that she was 14 weeks...oops!

I like to call this video..."How to tell when Em needs a nap." Enjoy!