The kids

The kids

Thursday, April 29, 2010

E's on the DL (not the down low, the disabled list)

I've only got a second so I'm gonna sum up the past week or so real quick. We've had some big leadership changes at G's store, so that means more work for both of us. So we never made it to a baseball game and definitely have not enjoyed any beach music. We have however been interviewing new babysitters because McKenzie is leaving us for the It's also looking like I am going to be going back to work pretty full-time over the summer...I can't lie, it makes me a little sad.

Anyway, before life took a turn for the crazy (don't you hate it when it does that), G was taking E to play Frisbee golf every afternoon so I could take a nap. She was his was cute. Real cute. She seriously holds his Frisbee's for him the whole time.
Em has also been sporting some super cool sunglasses. Ok, so I put them on her and she takes them right's still cute.
She's also really into digging in her toy baskets and pulling everything out one at a time but at an extremely rapid pace.
Sometimes when she gets to the bottom she falls into the basket and her feet flail around in the air. It's awesome.
Then when things get stuck in the basket (in this case her cash register) and she can't get them out, she makes this face. It's even awesomer.
Sadly, little E burnt the tar out of her fingers by touching a light bulb the other day. One of our new babysitters was here when it happened and we didn't notice it until the next day. I'm sure we looked like great parents taking our kid to the pediatrician with a burnt hand swearing we had no idea what had happened (we didn't talk to the babysitter until after the visit to discover what really happened). It is really sad b/c all of the skin on two of her fingers is peeling off and blistering. I feel so bad for her. We have antibiotic burn cream for her and I tried to put band aids on her fingers. She pulled them off within a few minutes.
No worries, she's still her joyful self. We really love this kid.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Might Just Have a Life....Maybe

I realize that I have not posted in a while now, but I'm thinking it may be due the fact that we are starting to get a life...maybe. We have been in Durham (no traveling for work or pleasure), for 13 straight days now. And if you take out my 3 day work trip right after Easter, we have been here for 3 weeks straight...which I am pretty sure is a record. I cannot tell a lie, I kind of love it. The more time we spend here the more we realize how much we love this area. The only stinky part is that it is really starting to feel like home. I often find myself thinking, "if we can't live in Greenville, I would love to stay here." With my luck, we'll get moved next week.

Anyway, in our 3 weeks here, we have been enjoying all RDU has to offer: yummy food (lots of yummy food), a bazillion parks, a gajillion farmer's markets, 20 different natural food stores (local and chain), and an infinite amount of shopping centers. This week, I also hope to hit up a Durham Bulls baseball game and possibly go check out the summer beach music concert series at North Hills in Raleigh....I'll let you know if we make it happen. Additionally, we have started making some friends...exciting I know. When we first moved to Durham, we genuinely believed we would only be here for 4 months so we kind of held back on getting too settled or involved in much. So, after almost 8 months, we are abandoning that approach.

Additionally, in a fun little way I feel like little E and I are enjoying the blessing of Garrett's obedience in getting baptized. While we were waiting for G to get baptized on Easter Sunday (the baptisms were held outside after the service), a mom of a little girl in Emerson's nursery class struck up a conversation with us. It was so good to be able to just chat with someone in a similar season of life. Anyway, I ran into her again at church this past Sunday and she invited Em and I over for a little play group at her house today. It was so fun to get to meet and spend time with other women and their kids.

So there you have it folks, we've been busy...but the fun kind of busy. And last but not least, little baby Emerson turned 11 months old today. Here are some pictures from her 11th month of life. It has been a good one.

loving some blueberries...oh this child is pure joy
just being real cute
enjoying some froyo at our favorite local yogurt place (appropriately named "Local Yogurt")
just practicing walking...
driving around Harris Teeter (you can get your cart license at 10 months...he, he)
pulling everything out of the laundry hamper...i love it when she does that
eating pizza at our new fave pizza place, Cinelli's
(ok, E didn't actually eat pizza, just some of the toppings.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Raining Pollen

The title of this post has nothing to do with the actual post. However, it is true. I have never seen a "pollen event" like this in my whole life. It's hard to see outside b/c there is so much pollen in the air. I hope we all survive the plague.

Anyway, the past week has been kind of nuts so I am gonna try to sum it up pretty quickly. We took an at home gender test (yes they actually make these now). It says we are having a BOY. It is allegedly 82% accurate. We will see. I would love another girl (sorry little baby, if you are a boy I still love you), but G of course wants a boy (he will still love you if you are a girl). Only time will tell. Regardless the test was kind of fun.
Boy or Girl
We were spending lots of time until the great pollen plague of 2010. During this time Garrett taught Emerson how to eat dirt and sticks. I love him.
We spent Easter in Durham, just the three of us. I thought about it, and I think this is the first big holiday that we have spent together just as our little family. However, the day before Easter, we did head over to Winston-Salem to see some of my cousins, their kids, and my Aunt and Uncle. We had a GREAT time. It was so good to see my family. And to meet the newest addition to our family, Kellen. My cousin and his wife welcomed her to their family on January 18th (which also happens to be my birthday). It was so fun to meet her and to see their 3 year old, Maddox. They live in the Tampa area so we don't get to see them nearly often enough. Also, Emerson got to dye Easter eggs with her cousins...that was fun too.
Emerson mostly liked licking the eggs.
And she really LOVED the hammock swing. We need to get one!
We spent Easter morning at our church here in Durham, The Summit. It was wonderful to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As a family we are constantly overwhelmed by his love for us. It was a beautiful morning. Part of the teaching was on baptism. J.D. (the pastor) talked a lot about what baptism looked like in the Bible and that how biblically, people would get baptized immediately after coming to faith in Jesus to show their new identification with Christ.

I was baptized when I was younger after coming to faith. Garrett was also baptized when he was younger but it was before he really came to faith in Jesus. All that to say, he has been wanting to get baptized again for a long time. He kept thinking he would do it back at our church at home so our family could be there, etc, etc. On Easter Sunday, The Summit was doing baptisms after the service, and half way through the service Garrett decided that it was time to just do it. Although we wanted our family and old small group from Greenville there, we both decided that in the end it really isn't about any of those things. So, G got baptized on Easter. It was beautiful and Emerson and I enjoyed every second of it! I can't think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday.

I love you Garrett, and I love the way you love the Lord.