The kids

The kids

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Postless Blogger

Apparently I have become one of those people that starts a blog and NEVER posts anything on it (LJ Cutter you know what I am talking about). I have no new pictures due to the fact that I started taking a bunch when we got on our blogging kick but then I kept leaving the camera on so now the batteries are dead.

So, the latest happenings in our lives include: painting my sisters kitchen, my parents selling their house (no it was not on the market), starting the coolest Heely Gang known to man (i will provide more details on this at a later time), and playing a super intense game of putt-putt or if you are Kelly Childress, miniature golf. Oh yeah, and we have been working a little too.

I also got a new $7 wedding band because my real rings were making my fingers do weird things. From far away my new band is fabulous....just don't look at closer than 10ft because then it becomes obviously plastic.

That's all for now...don't want to over stimulate everyone with the excitement of our lives.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Turkey Legs and the 4th

I pretty much love the 4th of July. This year, Garrett and I attended the Greenville Symphony Orchestra's Independence Day Celebration at the new Heritage Park Amphitheatre. Garrett, my dad, and my brother-in-law especially loved this because they got to eat giant turkey legs.

I think my parents, who just returned from gallivanting in Europe for the past few weeks, were glad to be back and celebrating America!!! I n true Team Reed fashion, Garrett and I were ultra cool and dressed alike in seersucker pants, white shirts, and red accessories. Garrett was super excited to sport his America mom tried to convince him to wash it but Garrett insists that washing it is out of the question. He is afraid it will deteriorate and be lost forever.

We ran into my friend Jenn which was really fun. Out of about 10,000 people she and her daughter Shae (20 months) were sitting right next to us. They were there to watch Jenn's husband Chris because he was playing percussion with the orchestra. All in all it was a fabulous evening (the only thing missing was giant serving of banana pudding).

All I have to say is God Bless America!!!

Loving Greenville

There are about 1,000,010 reasons why we love Greenville...all of which we will discuss right now.... we kid, we kid! However, a few of them can be highlighted by discussing our evening on Thursday. I will say that I am beginning to realize that maybe Garrett and I have more exciting lives than I thought.

On Thursday evening when Garrett got off work, we put on our walking shoes and headed to our favorite local sub shop, Subway. Luckily before leaving the house, I noticed (during a wrestling match between Garrett and the dog) that Garrett had a giant split up the back of his pants. So, he changed..then we left.

We took our picnic dinner out to Falls Park (, and thus began the beginning of an extremely intersting evening. After finishing dinner and watching Garrett and Stabler climb around on the rocks we headed in the direction of the Larkins Amphitheatre to check out Rythm on the River ( Rhythm on the River is a summer concert series...they normally have beach music type people. On a total side note....anyone that was at the Brantley wedding in 2006..the band that played at their wedding, Men of Distinction, is playing at Rhythm on the River at the end of this month.

We didn't actually go into the concert because it costs $ we just stood on the other side of the river and watched...which a lot of people do (we aren't the only cheapies in G'Ville). I went to Ocha, a little tea bar, a got some bubble tea and Garrett got some gelatto from the Lazy Goat.

During this process, we had a 30 minute conversation with a group of Gold Wing motorcycle riders that were in town for the big rally (allegedly the biggest one ever). The people we talked to were from up North and they seemed to find Garrett and I very interesting that they took pictures of us. Weird but whatever, they were nice. We also had another encounter with some Gold Wingers (these people definitely were from the South) and their dogs, Keisha and Razzle... I am not sure Stabler knew exactly what to make of them. You can't really tell from the picture...but the hair that they actually had was dyed pink.

We then ran into some friends, who Garrett talked to while I talked to another random couple about dogs for about an hour (which was way more fun than it sounds). During this time Stabler made himself at home in a homeless man's lap...which luckily the homeless man loved. After that we watched the concert while Stabler licked an unknown substance off Garrett's feet, which I have a video of but it would take a year to upload.

After that, we walked back home. I have to say that we absolutely love living in downtown Greenville....there is truly a ton to do and lots of interesting people to be met. If anyone is interested in taking a little road trip to see us....we would be delighted!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Post Numero Uno

Welcome to the first ever post on the Team Reed blog. Most people have blogs to update people on fun/important things that are going on on their lives. Our blog is aimed at boring you to death. Today we are sitting around the house discussing why Garrett should not order his Thai food extra spicy any more. He is experiencing the wrath of some super hot Pad Thai today.

On to buisness, things that are going on in our lives currently.... we are looking for somewhere to live in Charleston (we should be moving in the next 2 months or so). If anyone has any ideas on that let us know. Other than that, we just got back from a super fun week of vacation. We went to Charleston with Garrett's family for a few days and then we went to Alabama for some of our good friends wedding.

I could write an entire post on the trip to Alabama...however I will spare you. It could be summarized by saying that the brides family paid for us (and all of our best friends from college) to stay at this amazing cottage at one of the nicest country clubs. We had our own room and bathroom...with the most awesome shower ever. We had so much fun but unfortunately took no pictures..... we have a serious problem w/ not bringng our camera anywhere. Maybe we will try to work on that since we have a blog now. Hey here is a picture from work in March.... it was Garrett's favorite day at work ever....he got to hang with Ms. South Carolina.

Anyway, believe it or not we do actually work.... we will be heading that way soon. Maybe we will take some fun pictures there so you can get an idea of how exciting our life really is.

We love you all!