The kids

The kids

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Completely moved.....and the computer broke!

Well we are completely moved to Charleston. All of our stuff is there and I am working there full time. Garrett is mostly there but will still be back and forth until the last weekend in November. I honestly feel like I am losing my mind a little bit.....My pregnant brain has turned to mush and doesn't really seem to work any more.

The house we are renting out at Wild Dunes seems to have a slight rat problem....yes you heard me, rats. We have had the attic cleaned out twice now to get rid of the rats and the little presents that they leave behind. My hope is that they are gone for good, but I am definitely not counting on it.

In addition to this, our computer (which wasn't exactly ours, it belonged to work)....broke. Luckily, Garrett and I came to spend the weekend with my mom (my dad is working in Siberia for the week) so she has graciously allowed us to use her computer to catch up on bills, email, etc. We have been computer shopping but can't decide what to do...we will have to make a decision sooner than later.

Not a whole lot else to write about....the store opens in early December, so we will be a little out of touch until i don't know like april..........just kidding....sort of. We are already missing our friends and family in Greenville but are glad to be reunited with some of our favorite people in Charleston.
Until we can get our hands on a working computer again......we love you all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where to begin.........

Seriously, I think that our lives can't get crazier...and then they get crazier. Luckily amidst the chaos we got to take 8 whole days off to go on our annual Brantley/Reed vacation. Every year we go on vacation with our friends Adam and Mandy Brantley. We usually just go to Garrett's grandparent's house at Fripp Island, but this year we went all out and went on a cruise. We went to Honudras, Mexico, and the Bahamas. We were supposed to also go to Belize but the weather was too bad. Anyway....we had a great time.... it was sad to see it end.

What we came back to was absolute craziness at work and an impending move. I have been back and forth to Charleston over the past two weeks and Garrett is in Atlanta this whole week. And then on Saturday (two days from now) I am officially moving to Charleston. I will definitely take some pictures of our super funky house....funky is not a good thing. However, it is two blocks from the beach so I will try not to complain too much.
In other exciting news, we got to see our baby again two weeks ago, and we got to hear the heart beat for the first time....IT WAS AMAZING. Only about 6 more weeks until we will know if it is a boy or a girl. The only problem we have encountered with this is that Garrett's grandmother, Janet, says she does not want to know the sex of the baby until it is born....that might be tricky!
Anyway below are a few pics from our super fun vacation. Enjoy!