The kids

The kids

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Stuff!

We officially recieved our first baby gift! Last night we were so lucky to hang out with our friends Sandy and Jason Lesley. Sandy and Jason actually did our premarital counseling....which is why we have such a stellar marriage. Anyway, we went and hung out at their house for a while. Which I should note that their house is probably my favorite house ever...I say this for mulitple reasons...the first being that it actually looks like a barn on the outside and a home on the inside. Seriously, Southern Living needs to make an appearance at their many cool things about this house..I could go on and on. It is out in the country in Pelzer (Jason's family has land out there and they all live around them)...but the coolest thing is that they built the whole thing took a few years, but a few years well spent!

Anyway, they have the cutest little one year old, Canon. Canon was nice enough to pass down a little tiny Clemson t-shirt to baby Reed. The shirt looks bigger in the picture because we are so close to the camera, but in real life it looks so small. I can't believe our little person will be wearing in within the year!

Ok, I think it is time to change the poll on our blog. Clearly, an oreo is black and white....and those of you of think dark brown and white...remember that the next time you go somewhere and see two black things surrounding something white and you are tempted to go..."oh look, an oreo." And our poll got scued because Garrett kept voting from other computers....what a cheater. Hopefully our child won't get his values.

Anyway, the poll will be taking bets.....Do you think the Reed baby is going to be a boy or a hunch is a boy but don't vote based on my hunch. I mean what do I know, I am just its mother.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok, I must start by saying that there are many reasons that I have not touched our blog in a while. Hopefully all you people that are complaining about the lack of posting can have grace with us... OUR LIFE HAS TAKEN A TURN FOR THE CRAZY SIDE!!!! We have been traveling so much that I wake up not knowing where I am most days. It all started a little over a month ago when I decided to take an impromtu trip to Denver to visit my best friend Mandy (who also happens to be the mother of Garrett and I's first and only godchild). My trip was super fun, I loved every second that I spent with Adam, Mandy, and little are a few pics. While in Denver it occured to me that there was a serious chance that I could be pregnant... yes you heard correctly, pregnant. However, I decided to wait until I got home and was with Garrett to try to confirm this hunch. So, within 4 hours of being home, Garrett and I were able to confirm that yes....WE ARE PREGNANT! Obviously, we are thrilled but life has kicked into overdrive since the second we found out. We have spent about two of the past three weeks in Charleston...however, it hasn't been a solid two weeks, it has been a back and forth two weeks...consisting of about 3 different trips. I aslo rode with my parents to Missouri for my cousins wedding... yes we drove to Missouri...just me, mom, and dad.

We have finally found a house in Charleston which is exciting. It is out at Wild Dunes which is great because it is close to Garrett's parents condo. Our lease starts the first of November, so if it is looking like the store is still going to open in early December, then I will go ahead and move down then. I have also found a new doctor in Charleston and will start seeing her at the end of we are excited about that.

Garrett is doing great....just continuing to work his tail off while being excited about becoming a dad. We had are first ultrasound last here is the first picture of our very little baby. I will go ahead and preface the picture with there are not twins! The bigger blob on the left is the baby....the smaller blob to the right of the bigger blob is the yolk goes away when the placenta is fully formed and takes over.

Anyway, hope you all can have grace with us for not posting more often....we are definitely a little overwhelmed but excited by life. Love you all!