The kids

The kids

Monday, November 14, 2011

Like Ice Cream on a Mid-August Day

While my presence in the blogging world is fairly non-existent, my real life seems to be moving forward at light speed.  Evan will be 13 months old this week! Yes, I neglected to document anything having to do with his first birthday.  This is largely due to the fact that the G picked up a second job for a couple of weeks (well 12 weeks), both of the kids were sick for the ENTIRE month of October, and I got a migraine and barfed at Evan's b-day party (which was actually our 2nd attempt at a party). Oh and he's the 2nd child.  Just kidding baby Evan...kind of.  I'm the 2nd child and no one knows/remembers anything about my childhood, I suppose that is just the way it works.

Nevertheless, I do have this sweet little video of baby E learning to take his first steps.  It makes my heart melt like ice cream on a mid-August day.  He can actually take a few more steps than this video depicts....but at least we have something on video.

Also, before the existence of this blog and our little children, G and I once bought a house and turned it from this....

into this.....

And call us crazy, but we are itching to do it again.  If so, you better believe I will be documenting it here.  Sadly, I wasn't able to document the first remodel.  Maybe I will do a few posts on it, just to have it officially documented.  Stay tuned.

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