The kids

The kids

Friday, September 16, 2011


My presence on this blog.  True story: It has been so long since I have touched this blog, that they have changed the entire blogger interface, and I now no longer have any idea how to use it.  We will see if I am ever able to actually publish this post.

Also missing....Emerson's USC cheerleading uniform.  It looks like this.

I realize that is an old and not so great pic of Em BUT it is a great pic of the uniform.....that has somehow gone missing.  I of course 100% blame my Clemson fan husband. The joke is on him though, because if I can't find it soon... I will just have to go buy a new one. :) I'm not kidding.  He is lucky that Emerson is a micro-person and can still wear most of her fall clothing from last year.  So, if he can produce the missing uniform, he can save himself around $18.  

In the event that I am falsely accusing him of "misplacing" the above outfit, and any of you friends out there have seen it lying around at your houses, let me know. Our marriage would appreciate it.  And, Em needs it to properly cheer on her beloved Gamecocks.

Until I the next time I find time to hop on the computer....Go Cocks! 

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